Mobile Developer

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Strong knowledge of working with IOS 9.0 SDK, Swift, Objective C, Cocoa Touch and Git.
  • Proficient with advanced IOS technologies like Auto Layout, Core Data, JSON Parsing, Core Location and MapKit.
  • Extensive knowledge of various frameworks including UIKit, AVKit, AVFoundation, MapKit, EventKit and MessageUI.
  • Successfully developed around 7 native apps and keen interest to learn hybrid development .

Primary Skills:

Swift programming, Objective C, XCode, XML, Github, Appium, XCTest framework, Sqlite, My SQL, Java, Eclipse IDE, Oracle Enterprise suite.


University of New Haven West Haven, CT Master of Science in Computer Science



Software Quality Assurance

  • Hands on expertise in Manual and Automation Testing using Quick Test Professional.
  • Trained in Automation Testing and Agile scrum Software Development methodology.
  • Experienced in:
    • Reviewed the functional document.
    • Handled Functional Testing, Integration Testing and UA Testing
    • Gained expertise on Exploratory testing using domain knowledge and preparing
    • exploratory charters for the same.
    • Wrote and reviewed test plan and test cases.
    • Gained knowledge in Automation testing using Quick Test Professional.


Agile Scrum, Automation Testing

Professional Experience

Fitness Center (Master’s Project):
Developed an IOS application using Swift language for gym goers that allow users to locate closest gyms, shows different kinds of exercises, workout music playlist, Calorie Calculator and BMI Calculator.

  • Implemented NSUserDefaults for user Login/Registration.
  • Designed database using Core Data and implemented NSFetchRequest to store and retrieve user login credentials.
  • Implemented BMI calculator to calculate user’s Body Mass Index based on input values. Saved calculated BMI along with user’s name using Core Data.
  • Implemented map features using MapKit and CoreLocation frameworks to get exact directions from user’s current location.
  • Embedded in videos by using web-views for different workout categories.
  • Unit tested entire code by using Appium automation and used XCTest framework to test functions.
  • Implemented application designs for all types of screen sizes and orientations.
  • Implemented music player using AVFoundation framework and added a complete audio playlist and applied shake gesture to change the track.
  • Implemented Social media interactivity using Social framework for Facebook and Twitter.
Rent Afford (Course Project):
An IOS app developed in Objective C used to rent/reserve a car with a user friendly GUI which allows users to check availability, compare rates, view locations and directions and make a reservation. Administrator can update the car information like adding, removing car and enable user to book car by registering or as guest user.

  • Involved in designing complete GUI by adding Auto Layout constraints.
  • Used Navigation bars, Tab bars and Bar button items.
  • Built connection with database and parsed data using JSON.
  • Integrated Core Location framework allowing users to find closest location.
  • Responsible for all phases from implementing design, writing code, testing and debugging.
  • Used Git repository for version control and Git for Mac IDE to connect to the repository.
Take a ride:
An IOS app that allows user to book a ride and cab arrives as quickly as possible. This app consists of two different sections depending upon the user type (driver/user) and connects both of them. The app also leads the way to the driver where user needs to get picked up.

  • Used parse cloud server for storing login information and parse for geo location that helps in getting the location of both user and driver.
  • Implemented timers to get the user’s/driver’s location and constantly upload that to server so that the user could see where the driver is at all times.
  • Implemented map features using MapKit and CoreLocation frameworks.
  • Implemented fare calculator to calculate the fare depending upon the time it takes to drop the rider.
  • Implemented weather functionality by utilizing weather data from the service provided by
Card Matching Game:
The traditional card matching game in the form of an IOS app.

  • Used Navigation Controller to include multiple scenes.
  • Implemented NSUserDefaults for user Login/Registration to see which player is currently logged in/playing or logged out.
  • Implemented table view to display the list of all the registered players.
  • Highest score view controller to show the highest score achieved ever.
  • Used advanced segues to transfer data from one view controller to another thus creating player’s profile.