SFDC Developer


A certified Salesforce.com consultant with in-depth knowledge of experience in Salesforce.com CRM. Over 10+ Years of IT experience with around 5+ years of experience in the Salesforce.com CRM Platform as Sr Salesforce Developer, Administrator & Support Specialist and 5 years of experience with Lotus Notes and Visual Basic technologies. Domain expert in the Financial & Banking, Insurance and Automotive domains.

  • Strong IT experience in Software Development that includes all phases of Requirement Analysis, Design, Development, UAT and maintenance of Product / business applications including Cloud Based, Web Applications, Windows Applications, Web Services, Windows Services, Client-Server applications.
  • Experience working across various SFDC implementations covering Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Call center, Chatter & App-exchange applications.
  • Experience in SFDC development using Apex classes and Triggers, Visual Force, Force.com IDE, SOQL, SOSL
  • Proficiency in SFDC Administrative tasks like creating Profiles, Roles, Users, Page Layouts, Email Services, Approvals, Workflows, Reports, Dashboards, Tasks and Events.
  • Good experience on Creating Reports, Custom Reports and Dashboards.
  • Good experience on Single Sign On.
  • Knowledge of Apttus CPQ integration
  • Good knowledge and understanding Apttus CPQ tool and process of Apttus CPQ and configuring of Apttus Quote-to-Cash.
  • Good knowledge SOQL queries in workbench and data loader to verify Product/Pricing staging data in SFDC/CPQ
  • Extensive experience in analyzing business requirements, entity relationships and converting to Salesforce custom objects, lookup relationships, junction objects, master-detail relationships.
  • Worked on integration projects using Informatica Cloud and ETL (Data Stage).
  • Good knowledge on Dell Boomi middle ware tool.
  • Good knowledge about salesforce to version control tool integration
  • Extensive experience in designing Custom Formula Fields, Field Dependencies, Validation Rules, Work Flows, and Approval Processes for automated alerts, field updates, and Email generation according to application requirements
  • Experience in migrating data from legacy systems to Salesforce using Apex Data Loader.
  • Working knowledge of SQL Server, writing SQL queries and debugging .
  • Hands on experience with Apex Language, Apex Trigger, Apex Class , Apex Test Methods , Apex Web Service, Visualforce Pages, Visualforce Components & Controllers
  • Configured and maintained user security permissions in compliance with organizational needs
  • Experience in web technologies like HTML, XML, CSS, JSP, JavaScript, WSDL, and SOAP
  • Excellent communication and inter-personal skills, accustomed to working in both large and small team environments.
  • Strong knowledge & experience working in teams implementing Agile Methodologies.
  • Knowledge experience Rally Tool.
  • Excellent communication and inter-personal skills, accustomed to working in both large and small team environments.


  • Master of Computer Application from Madras (Chennai )University, Completed 1999


  • Salesforce.com 401 Certified Developer.


Salesforce Technologies
Salesforce CRM, Salesforce SFA,Apex Language, Apex Classes/Controllers, Apex Triggers, SOQL, SOSL, Visualforce Pages / Components, Apex Web Services, AJAX, Workflow&Approvals, Dashboards, Analytic Snapshots, Case Management Automation.
Salesforce Tools
Eclipse, Force.com IDE Plug-in, Force.com Explorer, Force.com Data Loader, Force.com Excel Connector, Force.com Platform (Sandbox, and Production).
Integration Tools
DELL BOOMI, DocuSign and Draw Loop
Apex, Java, HTML, XHTML,XML,CSS,Lotus Notes, Visual Basic
Oracle,MS Access, and MySQL
Operating Systems
Windows NT / 2000 / XP Pro / Vista/7, Windows Server 2000 / 2003 / 2008, MVS
Outbound Messages, Workflow &Approvals, Reports, Custom Objects, Custom Tabs, Email Services, Security Controls, Sandbox data loading

Professional Experience

American Express Phoenix, AZ
May 2012 – Jul 2016
Salesforce Developer
American Express provides marketing campaigns for merchants and card members to maintain their current user base, and to acquire new customers. This project involved creation of a new application on Salesforce where users can create these campaigns and offers, perform governance, and deliver them to the merchants/card members.
Gathered requirements and translating to design concepts for customer review for business intelligence applications. Serve as the point of contact for all Salesforce related issues, updates, enhancements and questions for the organization.
  • Designed, and deployed the Custom objects, Custom tabs, validation rules, Workflow Rules, Page layouts, to suit to the needs of the application.
  • Maintain consistency between territory management application and SFDC accounts and leads, assuring all sales people are assigned the correct accounts and leads.
  • Built and managed custom reports for sales manager and executives.
  • Created Field mapping document for various objects like Accounts, Contacts, Tasks, Opportunity, and Lead.
  • Checking the test class code coverage while deployment.
  • Creating changesets and validating changeset design components for deployment.
  • Installing Appexchange tools to salesforce.
  • Worked on data migration using ETL tool.
  • Created Visual force pages, Apex Classes, Triggers, Workflows, Validation Rules and Communities
  • Developed Apex Classes, Apex Triggers, Components, Visual force Pages and Controller classes for various functional needs in the application.
  • Created Workflows,Approval processes, Validation rules and sharing rules.
  • Extensive experience in Apex/Visualforce development.
  • Set up Marketing Campaigns, Campaign Hierarchies, Lead Queries, Assignment rules, Web-to-Lead and Auto-Response rules.
  • Designed, developed and deployed Apex Classes, Controller Classes and Apex Triggers for various functional needs in the application
  • Debug Apex scripts using Debug Logs and System Log Console to catch Exceptions and execute Governors and Limits.
  • Developed product capabilities using Force.com, APEX, and Visualforce.
  • Deployed Apex using Force.com IDE, Force.com Migration Tool and Web Services API(XML, WSDL, SOAP,REST)
  • Integrated the SOAP and Rest based Web Services for extracting the data from external systems to display in the pages of salesforce.com.
  • Provided support for ongoing Salesforce maintenance by reviewing trace logs, developing action plans and other administration services including periodic data cleansing, workflows and approvals.
Saleforce.com platform, Apex Language, Visualforce (Pages, Component & Controllers),Data Loader, HTML, Java Script, CSS, WSDL, Workflow & Approvals, Custom Objects, Custom Tabs, Email Services.
StarCompanies Pune
Jan 2011 – Apr 2012
Salesforce Developer
Starr Companies is a global, privately held, insurance, financial services, and investments organization comprised of C.V. Starr, Starr Indemnity, Starr Marine and Starr Insurance Holdings, Inc.
The project is about migrating the business from legacy system “Salesforce 1.0” which is currently used by Starr Companies to Salesforce 2.0 which is a fresh Salesforce instance having better design and easy to use and maintain application, without requiring login credentials.
  • Involved in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) starting from Requirements Gathering and Design.
  • Involved in activities related to Saleforce.com setup, Configuration, customization, Administration, Development, Data Migration and deployment of application to force.com platform.
  • Configured and customized Salesforce.com using standard setup tasks as well as developed Apex coding which includes Triggers, classes, classes for custom controllers and controller extension, schedulable apex classes, batch apex, Apex sharing rules, Email Services according to the functional needs of the application.
  • Defined, and deployed the Custom objects, Custom tabs, Entity-Relationship data model, validation rules, Workflow Rules, actions, Auto-Response Rules, Page layouts, mini page layouts, search layouts, custom Components, custom compositions, Visual Workflows (flows), custom reports, dashboards Visual Force Pages to suit to the needs of the application.
  • Created several workflows by defining rules, approval processes and related actions which include creating related and time triggered tasks, email alerts, filed updates to automate the business process.
  • Implemented Salesforce Chatter for internal users to share the deal information and status updated on various activities.
  • Wrote several SOQL & SOSL queries in the apex coding with consideration to Governor Limits for data manipulation needs of the application.
  • Defined lookup and master-detail relationships on the objects and created junction objects to establish many to many relationships among objects.
  • Created users, roles, public groups and implemented role hierarchies, sharing rules and record level permissions to provide shared access among different users
  • Implemented Validation Rules, Assignment Rules, Sharing Rules, and Escalation Rules according to the application requirements.
  • Worked on the Eclipse IDE with Force.com plug-in environment for writing Business logic in Apex Programming Language, testing and deploying.
  • Worked on Force.com Explorer for querying SalesForce database using SOQL &SOSL queries and Data Loader for data migration, insert, update, and bulk import or export of data.
  • Created templates, approval processes, approval page layouts and defined approval actions on them to automate the processes.
  • Agile Development Methodology was followed for the implementation.
  • Conducted Business Process Review sessions to analyze the existing and to-be implemented business processes for Clients.
  • Created different types of Custom Reports for standard objects as well as custom objects to give complete details regarding Customer (Account) Orders, and Customer Balance Report with Multi-Currency support.
  • Customized the Dashboards to the track usage for productivity and performance of business centers and their sales teams.
  • Worked on VisualForce Language to develop VisualForce pages, overriding buttons, links and tabs, custom components, templates, integrating email etc.
Saleforce.com platform, Force.com ide, Apex, Visual Force (Pages, Component & Controllers), Pages, Data Loader, Java Script, Workflow & Approvals, Reports, Custom Objects, Custom Tabs, Email Services, Security Controls, SOAP, REST, Sandbox data loading, ANT tool.
Eaton Technologies Pune, India
Nov 2008 to Aug 2010
Sr. Lotus Notes Developer
The IITC Lotus Notes Team giving applications production support and maintenance of existing Lotus Notes Client and Web applications. These are major objectives of this project. The databases supported in the project include Application Repositories, Workflow types (Simple and Complex) as well as Admin activities.
  • Responsible to write LotusScript agents to port data from Lotus Notes documents to SQL tables.
  • Provided ongoing support and upgrade enhancements to existing Domino applications for workshop registrations.
  • On a team to identify Lotus Notes applications that contain nonpublic customer information and secure the data. Developed applications to track and report this data.
  • Developed Notes client tracking application to notify developers of company requirements for new applications on development servers and restrict access if they do not comply.
  • Analyzed applications and wrote custom agents to support the server administration team with LEI, Domino Directory, and custom Notes applications.
  • Wrote and assigned test plans, scheduled and coordinated application upgrades.
  • Held brown bag lunches to train employees useful tips and functions of Lotus Notes.
  • Backup server support for the Notes / network administrator.
  • Responsible for Design documents and coding and review of Test case documents.
  • Responsible to make sure the team follows SDLC reviews and defect tracking is done in EQUIP for entire SDLC phases of all projects which is used for cause analysis on monthly basis.
  • Responsible forday-to-day deliverables.
Lotus Notes/Domino 6.5, Formula Language, Lotus Script and Script Libraries.
American Express(Syntel) Pune
May 2006 to Oct 2008
Lotus Notes Developer
GCT (Global Corporate Technologies) Lotus Notes Center of Excellence team which is responsible for the development of new applications and the enhancements and maintenance of existing applications on the American Express Lotus Notes Servers. The team is responsible for providing the optimum and economical solution to the client requirements and providing smooth and undistributed working of applications to the client.
  • Analysis of new requirements for enhancements required by AMEX to the current functionality of Lotus notes applications of various AMEX business units.
  • Created User Interface on Lotus Notes Client and web applications.
  • Written the validations as for the requirements on web and client side.
  • Review of Design documents and coding.
  • Preparing Test cases document.
  • Assigning work to the resources.
  • Handling projects in day-to-day deliverables as a lead.
  • Created the roles and given the access as the business requirement.
Lotus Notes, Formula Language, Lotus Script and Script Libraries.