Professional Summary

  • Experienced SAP SD / Vistex Techno-Functional Consultant with 10+ years of experience in Vistex, SAP-SD, SAP MM, and expertise with other module including SAP FI, SAP WM and ABAP Module.

SAP Skills

  • SAP Sales & Distribution
  • SAP Pricing
  • SAP QM
  • SAP MM
  • SAP LE


  • Research and Development center.
  • Pharmaceutical Distribution
  • Automotive Information Technology

Highlights on Vistex

  • Supported and implemented a brand new Vistex implementation at BJ’s (one of the biggest retail wholesale customers moving from legacy system to SAP) for rolling-out the functionality to all 200 clubs.
  • Hands on configuration experience with complete Vistex solution including the claim types, IP doc types, Partner determination in IP docs, pricing procedures in IP docs, agreement types etc.
  • Worked on different sub-modules and application areas of Vistex including Chargeback’s and Purchasing Rebates, Claims, Data Maintenance module – Pricing, Material and Customer master.
  • Worked on SAP OTC enhancement projects with Vistex implementation, upgrade projects and E-commerce projects.
  • Integrated Vistex with SAP Finance and Controlling by configuring accrual profiles, settlement profiles.
  • Experience in Integration of Vistex solution with SAP Accounts receivable and Accounts Payable.


  • Bachelor of Engineering in Information Science


SAP Sales & Distribution (SD)
Years of Experience

Professional Experience

BJ’s Wholesale Club
Nov 14 – Present
Senior SAP SD/Vistex Functional Consultant
  • Responsible for supporting the brand new Vistex implementation at BJ’s for rolling-out the functionality to all 200 clubs, one of the biggest retail wholesale customers moving from legacy system to SAP.
  • Supported Price protection process in Vistex and working on simplifying the current business process to resolve the price protection claim performance issues.
  • Trained the team of business Super Users on Vistex transactions and planned the Vistex Go-live activities.
  • Working on optimizing the Retro design with Vistex team and the Vistex Vital Link team to implement required OSS Notes.
  • Implemented enhancement to update the Long text in Settlement document to show the quantity and the amount for the complete document which is sent to Vendor for payments.
  • Implemented enhancement to create a Single settlement document for the IPs having the same Settlement Vendor/Agreement.
  • Worked on performance improvements and issues related to Chargeback and Purchase rebates batch jobs.
  • Currently working on a business request to capture the max cap dollar amount per agreement which will help business to make decision on agreements which exceeds their dollar amount limit to negotiate with vendor on new promotions terms and conditions.
  • Configured new IP documents for new Purchase Order Types & Ecommerce business.
  • Responsible for the enhancements related to Chargeback and the vendor rebates.
  • Configured new pricing routine to support BJ’s custom requirements for chargeback functionality.
  • Created upload templates for Claims based on business requirement
  • Configured and created new condition types for One Time Claims for business
  • Working on Retro functionality to support Chargeback and Rebate agreement changes happening on a daily basis.
  • Revamped the existing design for Salvage claims and Demo claims to fix business pain points
  • Fixed the logic for existing pricing routines related to Purchase Rebate Agreements
  • Supporting Composite Chargebacks implemented for BJ’s optical business
  • Developed a new missing Chargeback report to support business and reduce manual work to find out any missing IP’s.
SAP Sales & Distribution & logistics Execution
  • Configured pricing procedure for global business and responsible for the EDI/IDOC to support issues related to ECOM order processing.
  • Responsible for replacing the legacy system by ECC to fulfill BJ’s ecommerce orders which are placed through the portal.
  • Configured new Customer Groups for Global orders and new pricing routine and data transfer routines to support ECOM and global business scenarios.
  • Working on BJ’s ECOM Dropship and return scenarios and supported BJ’s global business which takes care of drop ship orders which is primarily located in Florida.
  • Supporting day to day issues related to order fulfillment, delivery process and billing.
  • Worked on enhancements related to delivery and order related pro-forma invoices.
  • Responsible for fixing the issues related to custom output forms for Quotation, Picking List, Preliminary Invoice and final invoice.
Jun 13 – Oct 14
SAP SD/Vistex Functional Consultant
  • Configured Custom Claim types in Vistex to create Billbacks to make payments to growers.
  • Created custom solution in Vistex to calculate Incentives for Sales representative based on the targets.
  • Created different types of IP document types in Vistex to achieve Client’s requirement to create different type of IP document based on the invoice type.
  • Configured copy control in Vistex to copy sales order and invoice data from SAP Order documents to Vistex IP documents.
  • Configured different agreement types in Vistex and its types of agreement requests.
  • Create templates for agreements to create the agreements using upload program
  • Developed pricing interface to send the price from ECC/Vistex to SFDC through Middleware for order creation purpose based on the material product list.
  • Configured different types of condition types, access sequences, and condition tables in SAP to accommodate client’s requirements for different types of rules in the agreement.
  • Implemented enhancements in accruals and settlements to help AP/AR team for reconciliation purpose
SAP Sales & Distribution
  • Worked on Ascend implementation project to implement SAP Order Management functionality which allow users to place orders through SDFC system.
  • Developed Credit Hold interface to send the Credit block status from ECC to SFDC when credit block is released using VKM1/VKM3
  • Configured new order types, Item categories, Schedule line categories and In-completion procedures at header, item and schedule line levels
  • Supported Row Crop IT Division EDI interfaces & migrated all the ECC open orders to SFDC.
Oct 11 – May 13
SAP SD Functional Consultant
  • Worked with business users to gather requirements and identify GAPs to carry out system improvements for Monsanto Vegetable/Row Crop IT Division and mainly worked on OTC for enhancement and support project.
  • Extensively involved in Pricing Configuration, setting up Pricing procedures using standard and customized condition techniques, pricing routines.
  • Developed and Customized Reports in SD module such as sales order report, which covers all organization levels, delivery status, invoice status, shipping details and partner function details
  • Created ABAP Query Reports to meet Client’s Reporting Requirements
  • Provided ongoing support, troubleshooting and problem resolution as well as analyzed issues identified by users and follow through to resolution.
  • Involved in Testing provided extensive test data for both SD and non-SD unit/integration testing
  • Involved in a project to automate the Vegetable Division Global Trade and Automation system to migrate it from SAP R/3 to 3rd Party system called Amber Road.
  • Worked on custom Product Allocation solution and ATP to support Monsanto Supply chain
  • Configured the system for the new enhancements like configuration of custom order types, item categories, schedule line categories, deliveries
  • Configured Determination procedures like Output Determination, Text Determination, Partner determination
  • Coordinated and handled the issues related to SAP Variant configuration to support the production environment
  • Created custom output types for printing Sales Orders, Delivery, Transportation and Billing
  • Worked with technical teams and development resources to effectively communicate a technical change and to help validate the limitations
National Grid / WIPRO Technologies – Syracuse, NY
Jun 11 – Oct 11
SAP SD Techno-Functional Lead
  • Involved in the design discussions, finalizing the Business Process and effort estimations as well as day to day activities related to Project Management and Project Tracking.
  • Worked on design reviews and discussions, providing inputs to offshore Team and involved in complex developments.
  • Responsible for developments related to Sales Order creation, Customer creation and Invoice creation through the SAP Portal.
  • Configured new custom Sales Order Types and pricing procedures.
  • Worked on the Interfaces to existing Legacy applications of National Grid.
Bacardi USA Inc (Spirit Project) / WIPRO Technologies – Miami, FL
Feb 10 – May 11
Senior SAP SD Functional Consultant
  • Reviewed Business processes and compatibility of the SAP system with the present legacy system and involved at a high level design discussion, finalizing the Business Process and effort estimations.
  • Presented prototype and conceptual Blue Print Design (BPD) for detailed implementation of SD module.
  • Defined and Assigned the Enterprise Structure for SD including Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Divisions, Sales Offices, Sales areas.
  • Worked closely with the Master Data Team & business in migrating legacy data e.g. Customer Master Data using LSMW.
  • Configured Pricing Procedures with associated Condition Types, Condition tables and Access Sequences. Added Custom Field in the Pricing Catalog for Price determination based on Shipping Point.
  • Worked on the Enhancement of Standard Sales Order Process for Bacardi USA which allows User to create Orders based on Customer, Plant and Shipping Point combination which populates the Payment Terms and Inco terms automatically for Manual and EDI Orders.
  • Worked extensively on EDI Inbound / Outbound Interfaces EDI 850, EDI 855, EDI 810, EDI 820, EDI 204 Outbound for STO’s.
  • Given solution and written Functional Specifications for the Custom Output Determination for Bacardi Business.
  • Wrote Functional Specification for the Unit of Measure issue specific to Bacardi Business.
  • Trained the Super Users and prepared Test Data and Test Scripts for Functional Specifications.
  • Worked on VOFM Routines related to Pricing and Output Determination for Billing.
  • Designed Custom Sales Order Blocking Functionality and worked extensively on Sales Order related Enhancements.
  • Developed Programs for Creation of Payment Advice and clearing the Open Items based on Flat File.
  • Responsible for Custom Product Allocation and Blocking Functionality in Standard Sales Orders and even for Custom Workflows to handle the IDOC errors.
  • Worked with Business to understand existing JD Edwards’s system and identifying the GAPs from SAP
IDC Technologies / Adobe Systems Inc – San Jose, CA
Oct 09 – Feb 10
SAP SD Techno-Functional Consultant
  • Responsible for the Efforts Estimation and Project Planning as well as defining & assigning the Enterprise Structure for SD.
  • Integration of SD with MM and FI, documented the configuration changes and trained the users.
  • Created new Customer Account Groups, Partner types, Access Sequences and Procedures.
  • Created Customer Master, Material Master, Condition Master and Customer-Material Information master records according to the business requirements.
  • Defined and Assigned Pricing Procedure using Condition Types and Condition Records
  • Worked on various Order Types like Standard order and special order types like Service Orders, Returns, Credit and Debit memo requests in Order Management
  • Analyzed issues related to copy control of sale document types, billing and delivery documents.
  • Used LSMW and BDC for the customer master, material data and transaction data uploading
  • Worked on the functionality to develop Currency conversion program to convert prices from base currencies to local currencies for standalone, bundle and component SKUs and update pricing tables. Created Billing documents based on documents like invoice based on delivery, credit and debit memo based on requests. Invoices based on sales orders and delivery
IDC Technologies / Takeda Pharmaceuticals – San Diego, CA
Feb 08 – Sep 09
SAP SD Functional Consultant
  • Full life-cycle implementation in R/3 System using ASAP methodology and involved in the gap analysis, ‘AS-IS’ and ‘TO-BE’ processes.
  • Worked closely with technical-teams to identify SAP requirements, and also worked with the process team to configure SAP Sales and Distribution modules.
  • Configured SD module including OTC, sales documents, Stock availability & Transfer of Requirements.
  • Configured custom Pricing Procedures using condition technique and configured Invoice, Debit/Credit Memo and Rebate Agreements in Billing.
  • Defined Shipping Points, Shipping Conditions and Loading Groups and Configured delivery blocks and blocking reasons in shipping.
  • Prepared Functional Specifications for new requirements and executing the same with the help of technical team.
  • Coordinated in the analysis, design, prototyping, testing and implementation of SD functionality within SAP R/3.
  • Worked along with the marketing and account receivable department members to gather and verify requirements for the customer master.
  • Configured Consignment Stock Process and Third Party, developed user manuals for it, monitored progress of sales and distribution, finance integration, materials procurement and inventory control.
  • Customized various Order Types for Inquiry, Contract, Quotation, Sales Orders, Return Orders, Credit Memos, and Debit Memo etc.
  • Configured Incompletion Procedures, Copy Control, Availability Check Rule/Scope, Transfer of Requirements and configured Material Determination, Material Listing and Exclusion, Credit/Risk Management.
Feb 07 – Jan 08
SAP SD Functional Consultant
  • Worked on SAP ECC 6.0, Materials Management (MM), Sales & distribution (SD) and Financial Controlling (FI&CO) modules.
  • Troubleshooted in the areas of purchasing and sales and handled day to day problems that occurred.
  • Customization of Sales and Distribution module and its functionality such as Sales order types, Pricing, shipping, Routing, Freight costing and billing
  • Involved in setting up and validating the Material master, Customer master, vendor master, pricing procedure, and contracts.
  • Responsible for configuration of delivery process such as delivery types, item categories, copy control, route determination, shipping point determination etc.
  • Provided Key users and End users complete training.
  • Responsible for regular trouble shooting and debugging the developed programs and provided Go Live support, Post-production support.
SAP Labs India
Sep 05 – Jan 07
SAP Techno-Functional Consultant
  • Implemented discharge functionality in Loans Management using user exit to customize it as per client’s requirement
  • Involved in Customization, development and writing test cases for Workflow Business Scenario’s
  • Developed a workflow for the Banking application which takes care of the scenario where the Loan Amount exceeds a maximum limit and needs to get approved from a higher authority.
  • Involved in all the phases of design and development of the product and responsible to do the analysis of the Business scenarios so that the design meets customer’s requirements.
  • Conducted design reviews with product team
  • Implemented authorization and Release functionality of the loans process
  • Developed custom Auto-debit report to support AP function Bug fixing and support after go- live
SAP Labs India
Mar 05 – Aug 05
SAP ABAP Techno-Functional Consultant
  • Responsible to re-design and propose a new interface for the Business Partner & Loans interaction and developed a prototype for the proposal.
  • Evaluated and prototyped various technologies for the product.
  • Provided product development, including coding and unit testing.
  • Developed utilities to aid development, testing and release processes and solved customer messages and support.