Professional Summary

14 years of experience in design,Development,Production,Deployments and HIS implementation in IT industry

  • Expertise Informatica,Idr,Idq,Dvo,Autosys,PL/SQL, Shell scripting and HIS implementation
  • Strong functional knowledge on Utility, Health Care, Telecom, HIS (Hospital information system).
  • Used water fall & Agile methadologies.
  • Experience in creating Transformations and mappings using Informatica Designer (Source Analyzer,Target Designer,Transformation Developer,Mapplet Designer,Mapping designer) and processing tasks using Workflow Manager to move data from multiple sources into target Data Base.
  • Prepared check lists for every release and involved in reviews, Defect fixing.
  • Experience in Performance tuning of targets, Sources, mapping and sessions.
  • Good experience in writing SQL Queries using complex joins with sub queries and derived tables.
  • Created database objects like Tables,Indexes,Constraints,Views,Trigger and Synonyms.
  • Expert in writing PL/SQL stored/Stand alone procedures,Packages,Index,Functions,Triggers using Cursors and Exceptions.
  • Involved in System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from, analysis,design,code development,testing and maintenance.
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team with excellent written and verbal communications skills including experience in presentation creation.

Technical Skills

Data extraction Tools
Operating Systems
Windows, UNIX, LINUX
Oracle, Sybase, Teradata, SqlServer
Scheduling Tools
Tivoli, Autosys, Informatica Scheduler
Putty, Toad, HP Quality center, prism, Business objects, Erwin, Tortoise SVN,MKS
Ticket systems
Webtrax, Ztrack, HP Quality center,

Professional Experience

Ameren,St Louis,MO
Apr 2014 to Till date
Informatica Lead
Project Name:EIM(Enterprise Information Management)

Ameren is a utility company which generates and provide gas and electricity for both business and residential customers. Ameren was created by the combination of three Illinois utilities (CIPSCO Incorporated, CILCO Inc. and Illinois Power Company) and Union Electric Company of St. Louis. The main goal of the Program is to improve data management and analytics capabilities at Ameren.

  • ​Extensive experience in Informatica development with good client management skill
  • IDR used to replicate the initial Load data
  • Audit method used for incremental data to get from the Logs which are available at the mount point.
  • Responsible for coding and modifications to enforce business rules and to improve performance of the system.
  • Involved in Detail design, Functional Mapping, Etl Mappings, development, Client Software installation
  • Extensively used Informatica client tools. The objective is to extract data stored in different databases such as, Oracle, flat files,JMS,Cobal files on a variety of sources to load into a single data warehouse repository, which is in Teradata
  • TPT connection and teradata utilities are used to load data.
  • Autosys and CAworkload(WCC) is used to schedule the jobs.
  • Teradata view point is used to see the job running status and locking system.
  • Involved in Unit testing, data reconciliation for each feed and created Run Book.
  • Bi temporal is used to store the data in teradata.
  • Coordinate with other teams such as data modeling, testing ,DBA's and mentor junior team members.
  • Involved in production activities,Defect fixing and coordination with offshore team.
  • PDO(Push down optimization)is used extensively for mappings.
  • Used ETL transformations like Sorter Transformation, Aggregator Transformation, Normalizer Transformation, Source Qualifier Transformation, Joiner Transformation, Expression Transformation, Lookup (Cached, Un Cached and Persistent) and Sequence Generator to load data to Data marts.
  • IDQ (Address doctor)is used to populate the address and geocodes.
  • Poc done on Maste Data Management
  • MKS is used for ticketing and version controlling
CareSource, Dayton, Ohio
Nov 2013 to Mar 2014
Senior Software Engineer/Informatica& Dvo developer
Project Name:CareSource-EDW

Care source is a leading non profit public sector managing health care plans for the uninsured and underserved people with plans include Medicare and Medicaid advantage. Care source deals claims for Ohio, Kentucky and Michigan patients. Getting data from both Medicaid and Medicare and store all the Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Patient, CareSource reward information and claims data across states keeping in central platform and improves reporting capabilities.

  • Lead the team for Dvo specific areas.
  • Developed mappings, sessions and workflows based on requirement.
  • Used various active, passive, Connected, Unconnected transformations to load data.
  • Extensively used Pushdown optimization for performance.
  • Created users and gave access permissions.
  • Created short cuts for source and target strectures.
  • Installed and configured Informatica , Dvo tools
  • Extracted data from multiple files including csv, Xmlfiles.
  • Extracted data from relational database applied business logic to load data to Teradata
  • Created single table and table pair tests based on the requirements for validation of data
  • Tests are added to check the value from source and target based on business logic.
  • SqlViews are created to get data from multiple tables.
  • LookupViews and JoinViews are created to match data from different sources.
  • Different conditions are checked by creating the test scripts and parameterized.
  • Folders are created and moved scripts from one user to another user.
  • Reports are generated to track the status
  • Generated tests from spread sheet.
InformaticaPowerCenter9.5.0,Dvo9.5.2,MicrosoftAccess,Teradata 13.10,SqlServer 2008 R2,Oracle11g,Windows and Quality center 11.00, Tortoise SVN 1.7.7
AT&T, Alpharetta, GA
Aug 2011 – Oct 2013
Senior Software Engineer
Project Name: Call Center Performance Management

The Call Center Performance Management program is intended to aggregate data from various systems with a comprehensive set of tools for reporting to improve business operations and individual performance. Collecting and consolidating various types of information into a comparable and consistent format across the enterprise (all regions) will provide the ability to analyze performance in a more robust and timely manner. Implementing this program will allow AT&T to analyze data, from the employee to enterprise level, across functional perspectives such as operations, sales, quality and customer care by using Informatica Power Center (IPC).

  • Responsible for Analysis, Design and Development of technical documentation.
  • Lead the team and follow up's on the time lines
  • Created source definitions, short cuts to objects using Power Center for Legacy systems.
  • Involved in source analysis, Business requirement consolidation, design, and development and testing.
  • Extracted data from multiple source systems including flat files, Teradata.
  • Extensively used mapping and session parameters in ETL development..
  • Extensively involved in performance tuning of the Informatica ETL mappings like increasing the caching size, overriding the existing SQL.
  • Fine-tuning the loads by implementing bulk data load & used PL/SQL code.
  • Created triggers on audit columns and oracle hints are used for performance.
  • Used the command line program pmcmd to communicate with the Informatica Server.
  • Made use of several features view the workflow log files and Session log files on the Informatica Server, which is on a Unix Server.
  • Fast Export utility,Partitioning,sub partitioning,Less commit levels are used to increase the performance.
  • Involved in Investigation of production issues and daily tasks to monitor workflows.
  • Involved in identifying bugs in existing mappings by analyzing the data flow, evaluating transformations and fixing the bugs so that they conform to the business needs.
  • Used Informatica debugger in finding out bugs in existing mappings by analyzing data flow
  • Created mapplets,Worklets and reusable transformations that provide reusability
  • Worked on performance issues and bottlenecks to reduce the load time and monitored the data loads.
  • Work requests/estimates for internal/external clients.
  • Collaborated with Informatica Admin in process of Informatica Upgradation from PowerCenter 8.6 to PowerCenter 9.1.
Informatica Power Center 9.1, Teradata,SqlServer,Oracle10g, PL/SQL, Windows XP, Unix and Quality center,Tivoli
AT&T, Atlanta, Ga
Aug 2006 – Jun 2011
Software Engineer
Project Name: Light speed

The purpose of the SCA (SC4LS) project is to compensate the AT&T customer service representatives (CSRs) when they sell Light speed products. To compensate the CSR’s accurately data will be pulled from Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) using Informatica Power Center (IPC).Project Light speed will enable millions of residential customers to access integrated digital TV (IPTV – Internet Protocol Television), super high-speed broadband (HSIA – High Speed Internet Access) and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services via a new fiber-rich network.

  • Responsible for Analysis, Design and Development of Technical documentation.
  • Created source definitions using Power Connect.
  • Developed data mappings between source systems and warehouse components.
  • Developed reusable Mapplets and Transformations.
  • Created and monitored Workflows and sessions using Power Center Server.
  • Created Informatica mappings with PL/SQL procedures/functions to build business rules to load data.
  • Extensively used ETL to load data from flat files to Oracle database.
  • Stored Procedure Transformation was used.
  • Involved in analysis, Coding, testing, deployments and production support.
  • Designed technical specifications.
  • Worked on Informatica – Source Analyzer, Warehouse Designer, Mapping Designer & Mapplets , Transformations normal and reusable
Informatica 8.6.1, Teradata, Oracle, Unix
Oct 2004 – Jun 2006
Software Engineer
Project Name: Ubs Dox

Dox system is the primary UBS system that facilitates contract negotiation and captures contract terms for all major trading agreements. The DOX system is a central system that has data level dependencies with many other systems within UBS.

The legacy DOX was built on Sybase and it is basically used for storing information related to contract managenment and contract terms. Due to Poor Normalization, Lack of data quality, Lack of scalability, Lack of data consistency there is a need to replace the existing DOX system toimplement a global solution for efficient management of full contract lifecycle.

  • Developed data mappings between source systems and targets.
  • Developed lot of mappings, workflows and worklets..
  • Involved in data extraction, Transform and Load from source to target system.
  • Extensively worked with different transformations.
  • Creation and modification of reusable transformtion.
  • Testing the mappings, Workflow’s
Informatica 5.1, Unix, Sybase, SqlServer, Oracle
Apollo, India
Nov 2001 - June 2004
Software Engineer
Project Name: HIS

Hospital information system is an ERP Package. This includes Reception, Patient registration, Outpatient Billing, Admissions Discharges and Bed Transfers, Wards, Laboratory Module ,RIS Operation Theatre, CathLab, Inpatient Billing, Equipment Interfacing, EPABX, Dietary, F&B Department, House Keeping, system (Purchase, Main Stores, Sub stores), HR Payroll Physiotherapy and telemedicine.

  • Maintaining the modules at site observing the user specific requirements.
  • ERP applications and databases are used
  • Training and implementing all the above modules at site.
  • Installation of Win9x, Oracle8 and Windows NT on PC’s.
  • Analyze the work effort required to deploy the current application.
  • Developed and designed Reports to meet the user needs.
  • Add and modify all required Tables/Databases to support the requests from the System Analysts and the Systems Integrator and Provide daily Production Support for the operations of databases
  • Involved in the project during analysis, design, coding stages and Defect raising. The system provides an excellent user interface
  • Manual backup of server on day-to-day basis as well as Maintenance plan of database.
  • Checking the size of Database.
VB, Windows 2000professional, SqlServer