Mobile Developer


  • 5 + years of IT Industry experience in designing and developing Enterprise level Java and Mobile applications.
  • 4 + years of experience developing Mobile applications for iOS with Swift and Objective C.
  • Extensive experience consuming REST/SOAP Web Services and APIs
  • Built and worked with various Frameworks and Custom Templates for IOS applications.
  • Experience in using GCD in Multithreading.
  • Experience in developing various design patterns such as MVC, Delegation, Notification, KVO, Blocks, Dependency Injection and Singleton.
  • Good Knowledge of Instruments for CPU profiling, Memory management, GDB and LLVM debugging.
  • Knowledge of dynamically displaying the data using various data parsing forms such as XML and JSON.
  • Familiar with Third-party Frameworks including: Crash Reporter, Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Parse and AF Networking.
  • Proficient in implementing UI/UX with Storyboards, XIBs, Auto Layout constraints, and programmatic elements.
  • Experience with source control tools like SVN and GitHub.
  • Automation of application testing using XCTest.
  • Strong optimization and debugging skills.
  • Extensively tested and distributed apps on App store.
  • Strong self-learner with a desire to stay highly informative on best practices and latest developments to Apple’s iOS mobile platform.
  • Experience in Web development with a background working on open source technologies, including PHP, MySQL, Apache, and Java.
  • Experience in developing web-centric Responsive Web Design applications using HTML5, CSS, JSON, JavaScript and jQuery mobile.
  • Experience with various stages of Software Development Life Cycle, Capable of analyzing the business requirements, software requirement specifications, functional design documents to write technical design documents and unit test plans.
  • Managed complex development projects from concept to completion across various industries.
  • Worked in fast passed collaborative environments using Agile/SCRUM methodologies and test/behavior development.
  • Excellent technical abilities possess strong oral, written and communication skills, analytical and interpersonal skills.


  • BS in Electronics and Instrumentation


Programming Languages
Swift , Objective C, java and C#
IOS Frameworks
Coca Touch, UIKit, AVKit, Core Location, Core Data, Security
Operating System
MAC OSX, Linux, Unix and Windows
Scripting & Markup Languages
JSON, HTML & CSS, Java Script, VB Script, JQuery
Core Data, SQLite, MS SQL, MySQL
XCode, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse and Xamarin
Continuous Integration/Deployments
Travis-CI , Jenkins
Version control systems
GIT, bitbucket
Analytics tool
Splunk-Mint ,Flurry

Professional Experience

CSAA, Phoenix, AZ
Nov 2015 – Till date
Sr. iOS Developer
CSAA Native iOS mobile application is developed to offer all the features for CSAA customers to access their policy from their iPhone. The app offers to view the Insurance Card and even add that to passbook, view and make claims, view and make payments, search for Repair network shops and many more features.

  • Responsible for design and development of app features like displaying Insurance cards, Vehicle coverages, Premium payments, Claims and Direct Repair Network Locations.
  • Used design patterns like Dependency Injection , Singleton , delegation and MVC in implementation.
  • Written in Swift and used CocoaPods for dependency management and Git for version control.
  • Used Auto layout constraint-based approach to build user interfaces that dynamically respond to multiple screen sizes, supporting 4″,4.7″ and 5.5″ screen sizes.
  • Worked on the design and development to generating a proof of insurance pass that can be added to the Apple Wallet
  • Used NSURLsession for the network calls.
  • Used dispatch API’s like dispatch_async, dispatch_after in multiple scenarios in app.
  • Used Promises and Mappers to resolve all the network responses with deferred and Hydrant librarys.
  • Created multiple schemes for different builds which can run automatically on Travis-CI after every push to GIT repositories.
  • Used Core location services to get the user location and suggest all the Direct repair network shops nearby on the map.
  • Used Hockey app and internal app store to distribute the app to internal employees.
  • Used Hp fortify for static code analyzing to find vulnerabilities in the source code and prioritize them as High, medium and low to work in the order.
  • Used Agile Scrum methodology and Pivotal Tracker (Stories) for development.
IOS 8-9, Swift, Objective C, X code, Cocoa Touch, Travis-CI, Splunk-Mint, Slack, Pivotal Tracker, Hockey app and Flurry.
The Coca Cola Company, Atlanta, GA
Sep 2014 – Oct 2015
App link
iOS Developer
A global leader in the beverage industry, the Coca-Cola Company offers hundreds of brands, including soft drinks, fruit juices, sports drinks and other beverages. Coca-Cola was the world's most valuable brand.

  • Created models in MVC and development of delegates for updating model information.
  • Created the overall front-end UI design of the app using UIKit framework primarily.
  • Developed navigation between views was mixture of using UINavigationController and UIGestureRecognizer.
  • Implemented Core location services to get the location of user.
  • Implemented NSURLConnection to integrate with backend web services.
  • Worked on Web Service calls JSON parsing included in the project.
  • Used Agile Scrum methodology and JIRA for development.
  • Pre-fetching data for different views for smooth screen transition.
  • Worked with UIKit Framework for development and maintenance.
  • Used Core Data Framework for local storage purpose in SQLite.
  • Worked with GIT to checkout and update the codebase changes.
  • Integration of application with social media sites such as Facebook.
  • Took care of code review, code fixes and bug fixes.
  • Performed all tasks from user interface design and implementation to writing code for various features.
  • Used Instruments to fine tune the app performance and memory management.
  • Formatted the Data as per Business rule to display in UI.
  • Worked closely within a cross functional team of testers and developers.
  • Followed a work data flow principle for design and development.
  • Formatted the Data as per Business rule to display in UI.
  • Debugging issues onsite whenever required.
  • Managing the work log and following the schedule to ensure completion of projects before deadline.
IOS 7-8, iOS SDK, Objective C, Swift, X code, Cocoa Touch, Interface Builder, iPhone Simulator, J query.
Truven Health Analytics, Greenwood Village, CO
Mar 2013 – Aug 2014
App link
iOS Developer
Truven Health Analytics delivers the answers that clients need to improve healthcare quality and access while reducing costs. We provide market leading performance improvement solutions built on data integrity, advanced analytics, and domain expertise.

  • Performing all tasks from UI design and implementation to writing code for various features.
  • Working on web service calls JSON parsing included in the project.
  • Working with UIKit Framework for development and maintenance.
  • Worked with GDB and Xcode for debugging.
  • Designed the HTTP interface, which uses the NSURLConnection and NSURLRequest classes of Cocoa Touch to make network requests.
  • Used the Auto layout feature to run the application on both portrait and landscape mode, also supports iPhone and iPad.
  • Implemented the scroll functionality by using UIScrollView on all screens of the app.
  • Implemented UITabBar Controller & UINavigation Controller for easy navigation of the app.
  • Worked on Customizing the Views in the App for UITableView and UIAlertView.
  • Utilized NSUserDefaults, Core Data, and worked on Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability.
  • Worked on Custom Activity Indicator for better custom look of the App.
  • Debugging issues at onsite whenever required as well synchronizing data developed on mobile application with backend applications.
  • Publishing the application on App store and then pushing updates after every release. 
  • Debugging issues onsite whenever required.
  • Responsible for Service Integration Development and Testing.
IOS 6x, Objective-C, Xcode 5, Mac OS X, UIKit, GDB.
Spark People, Sunnyvale, CA
May 2012 – Feb 2013
App link
iOS Developer
Responsibilities, the world’s most popular diet and fitness site, now offers a mobile extension to iPhone users. The app will quickly and easily set you up with a custom diet and fitness plan based on your personal goals.

  • Created custom checklist and sharing them with selected app users by calling web services through JSON libraries and connecting to SQ Lite database with the objective C interfaces.
  • Created models in MVC and development of delegates for updating model information.
  • Worked with GIT to checkout and update the codebase changes.
  • Improved the application efficiency with multi-threading.
  • Managed data and memory management from streamlining code and using various debugging tests.
  • Performed all tasks from UI design and implementation to writing code for various features.
  • Interacted with system analyst to understand business requirement before translating.
  • Used UITabBar, UINavigationView, UITableView, MKMap, UIActionsheet, and other View Controllers to build the UI.
  • Worked closely within a cross functional teams of testers and developers.
  • Interacting with QA on deliverables on every iteration and customer feedback implementation.
  • Took care of Code Review, Code Fixes and bug Fixes.
IOS 5x, Xcode 4.1, 4.3.3, iPad, iPhone, Objective-C, UIKit, JSON, XML, SQLite.
Sprint Corporation, Overland, KS
Aug 2011 – Apr 2012
Java Developer
Sprint Corporation, commonly referred to as Sprint, is a United States telecommunications holding company that provides wireless services and is also a major global Internet carrier. It is the third largest U.S. wireless network operator.

  • Designed, developed and deployed the application framework including Spring, Hibernate and deployed on Web Logic Application server.
  • Involved in developing application using agile methodologies by reporting weekly progress.
  • Developed the testing framework before starting the application development as confirming to agile methodologies.
  • Exposed web services to client developing WSDL also involved in developing web client for application interactions.
  • Developed an asynchronous, AJAX based rich client for improved customer experience.
  • Worked with developing UI by analyzing and design using MVC based Struts framework 2.0, JavaScript, CSS and HTML for the front-end screens.
  • Designed and implemented a Spring/Hibernate/JMS based product identification system for searching IMEI and finding the status.
  • Worked with JSON notations to populate the data from server to client screens.
  • Developed Framework API for Tax calculations in Yoda using server-side components using J2EE and spring framework.
  • Worked extensively configuring JDBC connection pools and in Web logic and used SQL and PL/SQL also developed stored procedures for searching warehouse Quantities from the databases.
  • Designed, developed and implemented a messaging module using Java Messaging Service (JMS) point-to-point messaging and Message Driven Beans to listen to the messages in the queue for interactions with client ordering data.
  • Worked on SVN for version control and source code control.
  • Implemented Logging, Auditing using Spring Framework's Aspect Oriented Programming.
Java, Core Java, J2EE, UML, MDB, Servlets, Ajax, Struts, Hibernate, Spring Framework, JSP, JDBC, Java JMS, J Unit, Oracle, Eclipse, Apache Tomcat, SVN, XML, Ext.js, Java script, CSS style sheets, Log4j, Perl, Solaris Unix, Weblogic10g, Progress Sonic, PL/SQL.